Don’t Give A F*ck

Don’t Give A F*ck 525 350 Vixen DeVille

The Art of Not Giving a F*ck

I recently came across a bunch of thought-provoking articles by Mark Manson, one of which totally fits in with a lot of what I teach in my intro class “Unleash Your Inner Vixen” and keep touching on during my, “Permission To Play” course –  “The Art of NOT GIVING A F*CK” … it’s a great read:

Apparently we only have a limited amount of ‘F*CKs to give’, so let’s stop wasting them on what others will think about us, and start using them on the things we are passionate about!!

Embrace our true callings and take a risk on DOING, BEING and ACHIEVING those things we secretly know we really want to DO and BE and, underneath it all, ALREADY ARE!

You will hear me repeatedly say in class, “Don’t worry about getting it right, don’t worry about making a fool of yourself, don’t worry that you’re not ‘being sexy’, don’t worry that you’re going to F*CK UP!” When you stop worrying, you become free, and start to play, and create, and truly be!

All of those f*cks are about others’ thoughts, opinions, standards, (all of which are in your imagination anyway)… learn to NOT GIVE A F*CK about THEM .. because

YOU DO give a f*ck about YOURSELF

…about YOUR passions,

                            …YOUR goals,

                          …YOUR enjoyment of life,

                               …YOUR feelings of fulfillment and..

having no regrets on your death bed!

Go do the thing that lights you up because it matters to YOU!!

If you’re loving this vibe and need some more inspiration today, head on over here for some musings on the secret to happiness and always having your three reasons why.

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