Vixen DeVille began her burlesque career in the U.K. performing as core member of London’s longest running burlesque cabaret troupes, The Kitten Club, with residencies at Volupte and Madame JoJos, and T.V. appearances on Channel 4, BBC3 and ITV2 and three West End runs at The Charing Cross Theatre (formerly The New Players Theatre).


During her 6 year stint with The Kitten Club Ms. DeVille also performed as resident host of the monthly Finger In The Pie Cabaret (Madame JoJo’s), A Night of Burlesque (Oxford’s Café Coco) and as co-founder of the interactive theatrical cabaret show, The House Of Macabre, alongside numerous guest appearances including, Café De Paris, Cirque Du Soir, The House Of Burlesque, A Night of L’Amour, The VIP Room; Paris, London Burlesque Festival 2009, and London’s The RITZ.


Vixen relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 with a debut performance as part of The Sugar Club at The Viper Room on the sunset strip. Vixen has since been the resident host at the monthly Sultry Sweet Burlesque and Variety Show, guest host for three years running for MYTH at Anime Expo. Vixen has appeared on TV’s The Jeff Probst Show (CBS),  Masters Of Illusion (CW Network), and is a regular performer with The Dollface Dames, Vaudeville Sideshow, Bourbon Nights Supper Club, Boudoir Burlesque and The Hollywood Follies.

Vixen Classes

Vixen previously worked for The Burlesque Academy in Hollywood, leading group introduction classes and offering private coaching in act development.  She now runs her own extensive curriculum of training in the form of Burlesque, Body Confidence and Self-Image discovery allowing students of all walks of life to rediscover and take ownership of their true physical selves and to develop personally tailored solo acts to a professionally performable standard.


Vixen is also a regular guest speaker and facilitator for Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth and Confident Business Diva retreats, looking at challenges in the business world of “demanding to be seen” and building confidence in being the “face of your brand”.


Check out her interview with Business Heroine on Burlesque and Being Seen, her approach to teaching, and her thoughts on the Burlesque scene in LA and beyond.

The Lesser Known Story of Vixen DeVille

Exemplary daughter of the mighty omnificent Zephelemese, ‘Master of all, Merciful to None!’, Vixen spent the last eight thousand and eleventy twelve centuries toying with the souls of the numerous spiritual and physical worlds which she dispassionately graced with her presence.

Causing fear and lust in the hearts (and other vital organs) of all manner of creatures, Vixen found particular malevolent pleasure in meddling with those her father referred to as ‘mere mortals’.

Finding an existence of magical omnipotence fused with eternal beauty rather irksome, (afterall, what is there to do in life once you’ve conquered all the elements, experienced orgasmic euphoria and solved the Rubik’s cube??!), Vixen took solace in the enchanting burlesque underworld of a place called ‘Earth’ – a little trinket she’d once found in a Zephelemesian Kinder Egg.

At last, Vixen had found her true home and immediately abdicated her universal dominion, choosing instead to use her metaphysical powers for merriment and mirthful mischief.

Vixen has since found great delights in manipulating such child-like Earthling concepts as ‘Gravity’, ‘Time’ and ‘The-Superior-Male’. Constantly surrounded by her many adoring minions, Vixen will idly pass the time demonstrating her control over the elements; playing with fire, relaxing on her bed of broken glass, taming her pointy and deadly and oh-so-shiny swords, and sharing tales of her Zephelemesian homeland – the perilous journery of Engleflip Humpernoot Esquire ( and his pet monkey) and of the Dread Pirate Satanous (real name steve) and his search for the venomous Tufty The Squirrel!