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Booking Vixen DeVille

YES absolutely  – Vixen is available to perform and/or host for all types of events, from small private gatherings to larger public venues. From classy to comedic, from glamorous to gory, Vixen DeVille is guaranteed to charismatically perform a theatrically spectacular act perfect for your show or event. With an array of stunning costumes and numerous specialty skills to hand, including fire performance, walking on broken glass, aerial hoop/lyra and magic illusions. Vixen can offer you a tried and tested signature piece, or even create a custom-designed act specifically for you and your theme. Just send information on theme, location, type of event, dates and times using the contact form here.

YES!! Vixen DeVille is available to run tailored workshops for a variety of events, from small bachelorette or birthday parties – to corporate team building sessions, or as part of your weekend retreat. Vixen is happy to create a tailored programme specific to your needs whether you want to focus on ‘Body Confidence and Empowerment’, more specific Burlesque performance techniques such as ‘Glove and Stocking Peel’ or more group bonding activities such as ‘Learning To Eat Fire’. Just send information on the location, time and date, number of participants and style of event using the contact form here.

YES!! Vixen DeVille is, in fact, actress Cat LaCohie! You can check out her resume and demo reel at www.CatLaCohie.com. More specifically she has brought her persona Vixen DeVille to roles such as Rita Repulsa in MMPR’s Feature film, “The Last Ranger VII” and brought her fire eating skills to the Jennifer Corday’s music video, “Dragonfire”. She is fully insured for fire performance on set and, of course, has a large range of theatrical costumes available to help out production. Send any information on your upcoming project using the contact form here.

Absolutely! Click here for information on the show including tech rider and other venue requirements. It may also be possible to perform smaller sections of the full 90min show as part of your other programming.

For further enquiries please send an email to request more materials and to watch the show in full.

Check the calendar for upcoming dates. BUT for the most up-to-date info make sure to follow Vixen’s posts on Instagram @VixenCatVixen or on Facebook. – if in doubt you can always get in touch directly via email to find out what she’s up to this week.


Taking a Class

Vixen DeVille considers Burlesque to be a performance art form in which the performer presents a self-created performance piece involving an element of strip or reveal, usually with hints of parody or satirical comments on current affairs and pop culture. Vixen encourages her students to involve a ‘celebration of physical and/or emotional self’ as part of their solo act, and to consider the ‘reveals’ during the act as ‘reveals of self-truth’, allowing the audience to share that celebration, rather than ‘reveals of flesh’ with the sole intention of titillation.

The whole process of creating your act allows you to fully serve YOU without answering to the standards or demands of others. Learn to FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF… …the amazing you, the one you didn’t realise existed, or are too scared to let out. Shed your skin of past identities and explore who you are NOW. Break down your mental barriers of being judged, not being accepted, not feeling good enough. Realise that YOU are fabulous! YOU are more than enough!
Learn to accept, and own and celebrate what you have and who you are. Feel the freedom of fully embracing and living as your true self for the duration of your act, and the elation of allowing an audience to witness you in your height of glory.

Because I firmly believe in the benefits of the art form, for both audience members and performers alike. I firmly believe that if you have ANY interest in performing burlesque then you CAN and SHOULD! I have personally experienced the journey myself, from being the shy, self-doubting, quiet, terrified person, constantly second-guessing herself, trying to fit in. I’ve been the person who saw burlesque performers on stage, looking so confident and empowered and free. I’ve been the person who wanted to be just like them, but gave myself a million reasons why I absolutely COULD NOT! I discovered how to unleash my inner Vixen, both on the professional stage and on into my everyday life and I am 100% committed to helping others experience those same personal, and professional breakthroughs, no matter what barriers are currently stopping them.

I hold a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre Arts – training which not only covered various performance techniques including physical theatre, dance, comedy and solo performance, but also covered ‘Technical Theatre Creation’ – how to use props, costume, lighting, music, even magic illusions to make your performance theatrically spectacular. After graduation, I began performing burlesque professionally in London in  2006 and continued to Los Angeles in 2012, with appearances in Las Vegas, Paris, Sydney, Canberra and beyond. I created my teaching curriculum “Secrets of Burlesque” in 2014 yet am still, constantly performing and creating my own new acts, adding to my own skill set and making new performance discoveries (and self-discoveries) every day.

If you’re looking for a dance and fitness class this is not what I teach. I facilitate the ability to explore, play, create, and to gain the tools, the technique and mindset to allow you to express yourself, celebrate yourself, with confidence and magnetic charisma whether you’re walking out onto the burlesque stage or out of your own front door.

I have a personal investment in you achieving YOUR goals whatever they are. This not a plug and play, paint by numbers style of training. Together we will create the type of act YOU want, for the purposes that make you want to perform.

Vixen is currently based in Los Angeles but is always on the move taking her classes all over the USA, over to the UK and on to Australia. For anyone outside of the Los Angeles area, just send an email to find out if there’s a class taking place in your area soon. Alternatively you can book in your free Skype consultation to discuss whether my online training “Permission To Play” would be a good fit for your needs.

If you’re in Los Angeles looking for burlesque classes for beginners, your best option is sign up for my introductory class Unleash Your Inner Vixen. For anyone outside of Los Angeles you can book in your free Skype consultation to discuss whether my online trainingPermission To Play would be a good fit for your needs.

If you’re looking to create a new Solo Act for an upcoming burlesque audition or burlesque show in your area or to submit to a burlesque festival then your best option is to sign up for my Solo Act Development course “Permission To Play” either in person or online. If you’re looking to work on an already established act you can work with Vixen privately or online . Feel free to email me with your specific needs, or to book in for a free consultation on how I can best be of service. For those based in, or travelling to, the Los Angeles area, you may want to consider booking in a burlesque photoshoot to update your promotional shots or to take part in a costume creation class to take your costume to the next level.

My training is designed to celebrate you! Designed so that you can create an act tailored to YOUR strengths and desires. A burlesque act can be anything you want it to be – there are no limitations. My training is designed for all humans, of all abilities, of all ages, shapes and sizes.

For me a stripper is someone dancing and removing clothing solely in order to titillate. The structure of a stripper’s performance can usually follow the mentality of, “Do you like this? No? Well do you like this? Yes? Ok, in that case, I’ll do it again”. The progression of the act is dictated by whether the audience member is pleased or displeased by the performance. A burlesque performance is not solely to titillate, and is not asking for validation, judgement or approval. It is an expression of self that the performer is choosing to share with an audience and that the audience are privileged to witness.

NO! I will reiterate that I firmly believe that Burlesque has no rules. With that in mind, absolutely no! You do not have to do anything in Burlesque that you don’t want to. You show the parts you want to show, and keep covered the parts you don’t. It’s all about pleasing you and not being dictated by what you think your audience wants to see. Your burlesque reveal can always be a reveal of concept rather than a reveal of flesh, if your reveal is a strip from a caterpillar into a butterfly, that is still a strip and reveal, with no extra levels of nakedness involved at all. During the early years in my burlesque career, I never went down to pasties – this came from a fear of inadequacy rather than a shyness. Nowadays, I go down to pasties, not from peer pressure, but from my desire to celebrate my new found self-acceptance. My main note to students is never strip for the sake of stripping! Always strive to find a reason for the strip in the context of your act.

Burlesque is for everyone – there are many names for the different forms of styles of burlesque – Boylesque, Nerdlesque, Gorelesque etc.

I have worked with all types of humans who identify as male or female – most of my work is tailored towards female identifiers and my group classes are especially, in the majority, female orientated, more so for the comfort of those taking part. I have occasionally run “male only” classes and other times refrained from specification. Bottom line – if this work inspires you then I want to work with you – email me and lets figure it out.

I teach that you do not CREATE your burlesque persona but that you EXCAVATE your burlesque persona. Vixen DeVille is not a persona that I created, instead she is a persona that was always living inside me, just never given the chance to come out and play. YOUR inner vixen is the version of you that could have been. If you hadn’t made certain life choices, or hadn’t had certain life experiences or if it hadn’t been quashed by things your parents, siblings, school teachers, co-workers, had said to you! Your inner Vixen is still there, a tiny flame inside you almost ready to burn out. Burlesque class allows you to fan the flame and allow it grow into a raging fire. There are some things that Cat LaCohie would have never done, said, worn, in public, but Vixen DeVille 100% would and does.

If you scrolled down this far..
Then maybe you have a question I still haven’t answered… but you’re still interested enough to keep reading…

Let me reassure you.. I have worked with all sorts of people from all walks of life, with all kinds of goals. In the past I have helped..

The Singer, The Speech-giver and the CEOs wanting to gain confidence in standing in front of an audience.
The Newbie who wanted to start her Burlesque career.
The Girlfriend who wanted to perform a surprise act at a Burlesque show after which she proposes to her boyfriend.
The Seasoned Burlesque Performer who wanted to create award winning act.
The Cam-girl who wanted to gain more viewing time by becoming more watchable…
The Transvestite who wanted to embrace their feminine persona and presentation.
The Body Builder who wanted to add flair to their competition routine.

Send me an email – Let me know what you need from this training and we’ll make it happen.

Class Specifics


For any introductory workshop wear something that is unrestrictive so that you can fully explore your movement. Feel free to add a burlesque flair with fishnets etc, but don’t feel pressured to do so. I want you to feel comfortable and confident and 100% YOU. If you feel that this class is the opportunity to allow yourself the chance to dress a certain way you wouldn’t normally in everyday life, then seize that opportunity. For footwear either wear heels you feel confident walking in, if not then we’ll be going barefoot so that you are connected to the ground and have the ability to point and flex your feet. Chunky sneakers will dictate your movement and the name of the game here is exploration.

Once you get into act development work, try to bring as much of your costume as possible. Your act is very much dependant on the clothes you are wearing so it’s difficult to choreograph without it – we need to know where the layers are and where they will restrict movement.

In Los Angeles the introductory class “Unleash Your Inner Vixen” usually takes place twice a month in North Hollywood. All other in-person classes take place at my home studio in Hollywood. Throughout the year I will run “Unleash Your Inner Vixen” and “The Art Of Tease” at different cities Worldwide. My “Permission To Play” online course involves online group sessions via video conference call – these can take place in the comfort of your own home or for more privacy and space, some students have used a friend’s guest room or hired a dance studio and set up their laptop in order to take the online class from there.

You are free to take classes at your own pace. If you book in a class and have to miss it for whatever reason I need 24 hours notice to reschedule otherwise you will forfeit the class.

This is determined by how much work you do in your own time as outlined in the Permission To Play workbook. I have had students complete the course in 5 weeks I have had others take 9 months. The majority of students complete in 8 or 9 weeks. You are more than welcome to take time off and come back to class after a break. Communication is key!

All students are offered the opportunity to perform a debut act at a professional show here in LA. For those outside of LA  they are given the support needed to either perform in or near their hometown or, alternatively the skills needed to produce their own show!!

Those wanting to pursue Burlesque professionally after Permission To Play can continue onto a higher programme designed as a one-stop-shop to launch their burlesque career.


Vixens Unleashed

“Vixen’s Unleashed” is a book of 12 inspirational and moving stories from students of Vixen DeVille, documenting their journeys, battles, breakthroughs and triumphs, and the positive impact that Burlesque training made on their lives. Whether gaining the confidence to walk out onto the burlesque stage or out of their own front door, these women celebrate their ability to demand to be seen, to eradicate insecurities and in some cases even prove doctors wrong! The book and calendar are available to purchase at https://www.vixendeville.com/classes/vixens-unleashed-scholarship-program/

Proceeds go towards the “Vixens Unleashed Scholarship Fund”

The Vixen’s Unleashed Scholarship Program brings Vixen’s life-changing training to women in need all over the over the world. This training has helped many to work through depression, cope with eating disorders, to recover after major life-changes, to heal after physical or emotional abuse and more.

Burlesque has helped me to walk around the world unapologetically owning both my successes and my shortcomings and to help others to do to the same – to break free of other’s restrictive and damaging labels and to, instead, access their inner badass, their inner goddess, their inner Vixen.

If feel that you, or someone you know, would benefit from this training, please fill in the application here.

For detailed information on this program visit: