Atmosphere and Character

Vixen adds mischievous mirth and devilish delight to any event, invite her to mix and mingle, frolic and fraternize!

She will enchant one and all with tales of her Zephelemesian homeland, journeying into her world of danger and excitement, mystery and intrigue, revenge-ridden squirrels and the 15:32 direct express train to Putney!!!

Curiously alluring, seductively eccentric, bordering on the bizarre; a palatable concoction of ’50s Vampira, ’70s BBC radio humour, “…like Eddie Izzard narrating The Rocky Horror Show!”.

With her bewitching audience rapport and ability to entice both the unruly and reluctant into participation, Vixen never fails to leave a crowd pepped up and primed for an evening’s entertainment.

“Vixen DeVille- is equal parts sexy, seductive, mysterious, quirky, goofy, and she pulls it off like it’s the easiest thing in the world.”

Burlesque Performer ‘Ginny Hendrix’

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