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Create you own tailored solo act wherever you are in the World.

This online training programme provides a combination of online instructional videos, informational PDFs, online group and private sessions with Vixen DeVille, plus your interactive workbook to guide you through the whole process. The Full Support System package is Vixen’s original Permission To Play programme which guides you through her her own step-by-step process for creating your personally tailored solo act with no pressure to be anything other than exactly what, and who, you want to be!

This is the perfect option for those of you looking for PERSONAL GUIDANCE in your act creation and support in securing a debut spot either in your hometown or with Vixen in Los Angeles.

Designed for bodies of ALL ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Embrace the freedom to EXPRESS yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself… the good, the bad and the wobbly.

Although this course is designed to be able to completed in 10 Weeks, it is structured so that you can work at you own pace and take as long as you want to complete each section.

Keep track of your progress and stay on target with your interactive 75 page workbook.

Develop an efficient and effective approach to rehearsal for solo act development.

Learn Solo-Performance and Burlesque techniques to develop magnetic charisma, the ability to ‘demand to be seen’ and project a more confident you!

Access Vixen’s teachings on “The Art of Tease and Prop Manipulation” with specific focus on Glove Removal and Stocking Peel including how this relates to character and storytelling.

Lifetime access to Vixen’s teaching for you to listen to and watch in your own time with Vixen guiding you though the training just as if you were there in class with her.

Connect with Vixen directly during your one-on-one private consultation.

Work directly with Vixen during your online Act Development sessions to gain her insight, direction and advice in building your solo act.

Become part of the community with exclusive access to Vixen’s student alumni Facebook group.

Obtain recorded feedback directly from Vixen on video footage of your completed act for you to watch and re-watch in your own time.

Get guidance and advice in securing a performance spot in your hometown.

Celebrate your completion of the course with a guaranteed performance spot in a professional burlesque show in Los Angeles.

Supplementary online sessions are available to purchase separately for those who feel they need more support during the course.

  • Facebook Group Support
  • Interactive 75 Page Workbook
  • Week 1 Private Consultation
  • Vixen Deville’s Core Concepts Instructional Videos and PDFs
  • Vixen Deville’s Character Development MP3s
  • The Art of Tease – Instructional Video and PDF
  • Weekly Support Emails Throughout the Course
  • Rehearsal Footage Feedback - x2
  • Group Online Development Session - x2
  • Private Online Session - x2
  • Guidance in finding a Local Performance Slot
  • Performance Slot in LA
  • 2x Touched-Up Stage Photos
  • Single Camera Angle Performance Footage