Burlesque Beginner Gift Set


This Burlesque Beginner Gift Set includes:

1x pair of elbow length stretch satin gloves, 1x pair hold-up stockings and a 4GB Bedazzled and Engraved USB loaded with;

  • Vixen DeVille’s “Secrets of Glove and Stocking Peel – The Art of Tease” instructional video.
  • Vixen DeVille’s guide “6 Steps to Choosing your Burlesque name”.
  • Vixen DeVille’s guide “Top 5 Burlesque Costuming Tips”.


A perfect blend of Peel Technique and Performance Technique so that you, too, can master, ‘The Art Of Tease’.

This online training video and accompanying PDF will reveal to you step-by-step:

12 of my techniques for Glove and Stocking Peel with additional focus on Pre-Peel and Post-Peel techniques.

How to apply my “Core Concepts of Burlesque performance” to Glove and Stocking peel technique in order to enhance audience manipulation, stage charisma and to improve ANY moment of prop manipulation or removal of ANY costume piece.

The secret to using “Functional and Cosmetic” action, staying High Status to your props and costume and how to creatively and intentionally break ‘the rules’ for character and storytelling effect.


Your costume is one of the most important ingredients in your burlesque act, not only for how it looks on stage and how it portrays your character but also in the functional design so that you can continuously rely on it to be removed effortlessly and intentionally. Not to mention the costume’s maintenance, storage and transportation, so that it continues to look and perform it’s best, show after show after show!

Many times it will be some kind of issue with costume which prevents a student from exploring and developing an act to it’s fullest potential – this guide includes a number of “tricks of the trade” to overcome hesitations in pushing your costume boundaries including:

Cleaning and maintenance.

Creating fool-proof garter belts.

Creating adjustable costumes to use throughout body fluctuations.

Costuming on a budget.

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in