Online Fire Eating Kit
Instructional Video and PDF created by Vixen DeVille teaching you your new superpower in your own time at your own pace

Secrets Of Fire Eating

Life time instant access to Vixen’s online informational video and accompanying PDF:

Learn Vixen’s technique for Fire Eating, Body Burning, Flame Transfers and Fire Trails.

Gain knowledge of the ideal equipment and materials to use, along with comprehensive information on fire safety and risk reduction.

Discover ways to transfer this skill to the stage and practical information to incorporate this skill into your performance repertoire.

You can supplement your training with a 1-on-1 session with Vixen online giving your personalised feedback and guidance on your technique. Just select the FULL PACKAGE option.

Add a set of torches to your order for $35.

Vixen DeVille’s torches are the safest style for learning to eat fire with NO EXPOSED METAL PARTS. The stems are made from wood covered with aluminium tape so will not heat up as much as metal torch alternatives, and the wicks are sewn with kevlar thread to prevent tongue and body burns from exposed metal staples or screws.

These torches are designed for fire eating and body burning and are NOT recommended for fire breathing.