Interview with international burlesque star Vixen DeVille and her students of “Burlesque and Body Confidence”

Vixen DeVille appears on the Season 2 Finale of CW Network’s “Masters Of Illusion”

Vixen DeVille hosts “MYTH” at Anime Expo 2013
Published on Sep 15, 2013

The charming and effortless manner in which DeVille hosted “Myth” showed a highly skilled hostess being in complete control and in her comfort zone…The scripted and the improv fuse together to be a spectacular


Lauren Evoy was taken on a surprise trip to Los Angeles to face her fears!!

Check out her transformation as she takes a Burlesque class with Cat LaCohie aka Vixen DeVille.

Vixen DeVille performs her Werewolf Burlesque act at

PeepShow Menagerie’s Monstergirls Of Burlesque at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles.

Featuring Babette DeCollete

Burlesque in Los Angeles Episode 11 Conversations w/LA’s MotionMakers ©2014
Published on Apr 7, 2014

Burlesque Artist Vixen DeVille is an amazing part of the Los Angeles Burlesque Community. Hear her vision of the world of Burlesque in Los Angeles.

Dweebcast interview Vixen DeVille, performing as Lara Croft at cosplay-themed show ‘Sultry Sweet Burlesque’ held at El Cid, Los Angeles.

Vixen talks to Anne Perry at Buisness Heroine about “Burlesque and Being Seen”.

Vixen talks to Kitty Kat Demille at Working The Tease about “Burlesque, Body Confidence and Self-Image Discovery”

Vixen talks to Nick Hutson at Musical Talk about “Stripping apart burlesque” and the misconceptions surrounding this art form.

Vixen DeVille’s debut performance of ‘CastleVania’ themed glasswalking act, cosplaying as ‘Alucard’ for the main event show “Myth: Legends of Burlesque and Magic” at Anime Expo 2015

UNAIRED FOOTAGE of Vixen DeVille on “Masters Of Illusion”
(The ‘bits’ they didn’t want you to see!)