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Whether you’re someone with performance experience looking to put a solo act together, or an experienced solo performer feeling stuck in a rut, even if you’re a newbie just waiting to take your first class, there are things you can be doing NOW to pave the road for success later down the line.

Whoever you are, there will be some great nuggets of info for you in the PDF guide and I’d love to help you to start putting them into practice.

Absolute beginner or a total pro, I would love to spend an hour with you looking over where you’re at in your burlesque journey and provide you with some advice on the next steps to take to progress, in the quickest possible way, towards YOUR goals.

For those with more experience, I’d be happy to have a look over your submission info, act footage, promo photos, social media profiles and personal websites and offer any suggestions for improvement to help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.


I’m offering this service free of charge because i’m currently scheduling a worldwide tour where I work with students in advance, online, to help create a tailored solo act. I then travel to each town to produce a student showcase of all those I’ve been working with (a maximum of 8 students in each show) providing film footage of their act, live photography of the act, plus a studio promo photoshoot and the opportunity to win an award.

After working with me during our free consultation session, you may feel that this type of programme might just be the thing you’re looking for to help kickstart you into reaching your goals.

With that said, please understand that this session is not a sales pitch in disguise! This one hour session is 100% FREE for you to use in whatever way you feel would be most beneficial to you, with absolutely no obligation to take part in my upcoming programme. If you honestly think the session was of no benefit to you then I am willing to gift my whole online course to you free of charge as compensation for your time.


Before you sign up, I have to be totally honest that I can’t be of help to everybody. This session will only be of use to those who are ready to put some time and energy into building a burlesque career, and are in a position to make it their number one focus.

If this is you and you want to schedule in your free goal setting consultation, just click the link below to fill in the application form. Once I’ve gone through your info and done a little research into what areas I can help you with, we’ll set up a time to go through it all together.