SP – Sally Syn Cyr 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Sally Syn Cyr

“Vixen taught me to remove any aspect of ‘people-pleasing’ which is a huge part of my personal battle with self-esteem. She helped me stop my eating disorder and to truly accept my body.”
SP – Lillian Dujour 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Lillian Dujour

“I noticed that so many women didn’t have any passion in their life… this was never me and wasn’t going to be me aged 60!”
SP – Contessa Cereza 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Contessa Cereza

“I excitedly charge forward with newfound power, fuelled by inner strength and the belief that I’m worth it.”
SP – Scarlet Chandelier 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Scarlet Chandelier

“I needed to find myself again, to really let my provocative side shine without feeling judged or ashamed.”
SP – Vidia Vile 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Vidia Vile

“Before burlesque I was terrified of people thinking my body is gross or weird. Now I realise I’m a sexy woman who shouldn’t feel bad about herself. I am not afraid to show off my curves, cellulite, fat rolls, and all. It’s mine and I rock it.”
SP – Lor L’amour 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Lor L’amour

“I have a whole new perspective. I finally feel self-love and have gained the highest level of confidence I ever had in my life.”
SP – Velvet 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Velvet

“I felt like the ‘real me’ was chained somewhere inside my body, Burlesque gives you the opportunity to free yourself. If want to show your scars and traumas, you can do that. Burlesque taught me how to accept myself.”
SP – Lady Sapphire Noir 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Lady Sapphire Noir

“With each class and lesson I learned to embrace who my persona was and I found my inner badass. I changed during this process. I am stronger, more confident and ready to be in the spotlight.”
SP – Ember Raven 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Ember Raven

“I censored myself to be accepted as ‘normal’. I fooled everyone, even myself. I realised how much I’ve hidden away for years and that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I showed myself and my doctors that nothing can stop me.”
SP – Juicy Malone 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SP – Juicy Malone

“The burlesque experience made me feel 100% confident in being seen, exactly as I am. This age. This body. This idea. This expression. THIS Me.”