ONLINE Courses – Vida Vile 150 150 Vixen DeVille

ONLINE Courses – Vida Vile

“I can’t always go to Hollywood to take her classes, but with her online classes I’ve learned so much about self confidence and body positivity. I’m always so excited for my next gigs now all thanks to Vixen! She brings such positive energy and allows her students to embrace their individuality.”
ONLINE Courses – Scarlet Ruby Strom 150 150 Vixen DeVille

ONLINE Courses – Scarlet Ruby Strom

“I had already done a Burlesque class in my home country but I wanted to explore the subject with another teacher from another country which means another approach to the discipline. I’m so glad I chose this particular one. Vixen was so kind and benevolent. Her lessons are fun. She’s teaches me to be more sexy, to gain confidence on stage, to interact with the audience. A few things that I haven’t picked up in my previous class. I really recommend it!”
ONLINE Courses – Velvet Rose 150 150 Vixen DeVille

ONLINE Courses – Velvet Rose

“This is a comprehensive DIY “How to” Burlesque class – do it at home at your own pace with a great teacher behind you. I though first that burlesque has to be funny to entertain people. The most helpful piece of advice you gave me was to “give yourself permission”, don’t think about what other’s think. They will always have doubts and fears, that shouldn’t stop me from doing what I love. I got rid of my fear to show my real thoughts and soul on stage. Amazing teacher! Full of inspiration and knowledge. Totally worth it!”
ONLINE Courses – Ember Raven 150 150 Vixen DeVille

ONLINE Courses – Ember Raven

“Thank you for giving me what I needed to achieve a lifegoal. Your course gave me so much more than any other burlesque class. It wasn’t just dance moves, it really made me work with myself and my confidence. One of the last things you told me was to make sure that I perform out of joy rather than competition. I understand now. In the end I truly did this performance out of joy and pride for myself rather than to get approval from anyone else. It was so liberating. So thank you ❤”