HOME – Jacqueline Van Bierk 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Jacqueline Van Bierk

“Vixen is so creative, inspiring and helpful. Not only is she a great teacher, she’s fun to be around, smart, easy going and a total pro. When I saw her perform, she blew me away. I knew right than I’m in good hands. I love her class, her style and her as a person in general. I highly recommend her!!!!”
Jacqueline Van Bierk, Singer
HOME – Kim C. 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Kim C.

“I went from having a panic attack the first class, to performing my act on stage like a pro 10 weeks later. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! I now feel sexy, confident and strong. This class was a truly transformative experience! Don’t think about it, just do it.”
Kim C., Casting Director
HOME – Mona Harrington 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Mona Harrington

“It isn’t just a burlesque dance class, it’s a class that brings out that amazing you that either you didn’t realize existed or was too scared to let out.”
Mona Harrington, Chef
HOME – Monique Le Bleu 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Monique Le Bleu

“Vixen DeVille combines glass walking, fire-eating, magic, aerial, video, comedy, body confidence, truth and burlesque into a mind-blowingly sexy-fun show.”
Monique Le Bleu, Los Angeles Beat
HOME – Ellen Warkentine 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Ellen Warkentine

“Vixen DeVille is a vivacious and dynamic burlesque performer who can do it all.”
Ellen Warkentine, Fringe Review
HOME – Jeff May 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Jeff May

“Entertaining and sexy in unique and fascinating ways. I’m amazed at how much talent can reside in just one person.”
Jeff May, Comedian
HOME – Michael Chabolla 150 150 Vixen DeVille

HOME – Michael Chabolla

“Funny, charming, and more than a little Eddie Izzard-esque…Her gifts of improvisation and audience banter are mind blowing.”
Michael Chabolla,