GET paid Gigs – Lady Sapphire Noir 150 150 Vixen DeVille

GET paid Gigs – Lady Sapphire Noir

“I am now an international title-holding burlesque performer. The confidence and the skills I picked up from this class helped me win this title. A big thank you is owed to Vixen. Thank you for creating this wonderful thing that gave me the opportunity to grow. I have this trophy because of your help.”
GET paid gigs – Ginny Hendrix 150 150 Vixen DeVille

GET paid gigs – Ginny Hendrix

“Vixen DeVille is equal parts sexy, seductive, mysterious, quirky, goofy, and even awkward, and she pulls it off like it’s the easiest thing in the world. I wanted to learn from her! I was able to learn insight into the burlesque world, something I had NO previous experience in. With her help and guidance, I auditioned and became part of the Dollface Dames burlesque troupe in LA. I am not easily impressed by people, but Vixen was so good at what she did (and was so fun a person to be around) that she made it hard NOT to be wow-ed by her. I think comedian Steve Martin said it best – “Be so good they can’t ignore you!” TAKE CLASSES WITH VIXEN. DO IT.”
GET paid Gigs – Viva Foxx 150 150 Vixen DeVille

GET paid Gigs – Viva Foxx

“Vixen is a charming, talented, experienced, and superb instructor. Her personable instruction and easygoing, approachable attitude made the learning process a breeze. It was especially great to be introduced to burlesque through Vixen, because I was pretty intimidated and nervous to begin and after the course, I felt prepared and confident.”
GET paid Gigs – Kim C. 150 150 Vixen DeVille

GET paid Gigs – Kim C.

“Vixen is an amazingly supportive, inspiring and dynamic coach! I used to be really heavy and didn’t feel connected to my new, thinner body. I also believed I couldn’t dance my entire life, which made me even more self-conscious. I went from having a panic attack the first class, to performing my act on stage like a pro 10 weeks later. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! I now feel sexy, confident and strong. This class was a truly transformative experience! Don’t think about it, just do it”