SUB ATMOSPHERE – William Draven 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SUB ATMOSPHERE – William Draven

“There is a very short list of talent that I call upon when I absolutely need the gig to be a success, and Vixen’s name is at the top of that list!”
SUB – Paul Draper 150 150 Vixen DeVille

SUB – Paul Draper

“She is empowering while sexy and performs several outrageous stunts that will capture the attention of any audience. I’ve seen her tone it up for an all adult audience and tone it down for family events. She is a joy to work with and always delivers. Highly recommended.”
Julia Reed Nichols 150 150 Vixen DeVille

Julia Reed Nichols

“Charming, entertaining and captivating. Audiences LOVE her and she is an expert at managing any size crowd”