Secrets of Burlesque Revealed!

Attention San Diego: ONE NIGHT ONLY October 17th

Tue, October 17th, 8:00PM -10:30 PM

The Dancehouse
1466 F Street, San Diego

International burlesque star Vixen DeVille comes to San Diego for one night only to share her unique introduction to the basics of Burlesque.

8:00pm - 9:30pm Introductory Workshop
Unleash Your Inner Vixen: Burlesque & Body Confidence

Learn Solo-Performance and Burlesque techniques, including the ‘Art Of Tease’ and ‘Prop Manipulation’, to develop magnetic charisma, the ability to ‘demand to be seen’ and to project a more confident you.
Find what makes YOU unique in terms of YOUR characteristics, and how YOUR body looks and moves!


Learn to FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF…
…the amazing you, the one you didn’t realize existed, or are too scared to let out. Shed your skin of past identities and explore who you are NOW.

Break down your mental barriers of being judged, not being accepted, not feeling good enough.
This class will provide a safe space in which you can gain the confidence to step into your unique body.

This 90 Minute Introductory Workshop Covers:

● Basic Burlesque Moves

● Character and Self-Exploration

● Presentation & Play: Rapport with your audience

● Discover what unique qualities you as an individual naturally bring to the stage/into a room and how to manipulate these to your advantage both as a performer and in everyday life.

● Explore a range of ‘Burlesque Characters’ and rediscover what characteristics are hiding in you that we have all learned to bury in our everyday lifestyles…

Unleash Your Inner Vixen $35

9:30pm - 10:30pm The Art of Tease - Glove and Stocking Peel Technique

A perfect blend of Peel Technique and Performance Technique so that you, too, can master, ‘The Art Of Tease’.

This step-by-step workshop will cover:

  • Vixen DeVille’s “Core Concepts” in prop manipulation
  • Pre-Peel Awareness
  • Peel Technique
  • Post-Peel Execution
  • Character & Story
  • Bonus Nifty Tricks

Techniques covered in this class can also be applied to the handling of props and the removal of other costume pieces, giving you the perfect foundation for your own performance exploration and development.

Price of “The Art Of Tease Workshop”

“The Art Of Tease Workshop” $25


Select “Burlesque Diva Package” which includes both
Introduction Workshop AND Art of Tease $49 (save $11)

Sexy Vixen In red

Costume Accessories for The Event

Vixen Black

Enable yourself to fully embrace your alter-ego with the addition of some costume pieces, which are then yours to continue your exploration outside of class.

Price of “Accessories”

Advance purchase of Gloves: $9
Advance purchase of Stockings: $13
Advance purchases of Gloves AND Stockings $20


Select “Burlesque Starlet Package” Includes BOTH
classes, plus Gloves AND Stocking $67 (Save $15)



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Inspire Wellness, 108 East 11th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015