Permission To Play (Solo Act Development)

$ 497.00


“Permission To Play”

Solo Act Development with international Burlesque star Vixen DeVille

Develop your own personally tailored solo act and perform as a debut guest star in a professional LA Burlesque show.

Embrace the freedom to EXPRESS yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself… the good, the bad and the wobbly.

Designed for bodies of ALL ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, Vixen DeVille guides you through her her own step-by-step process for creating your personally tailored solo act with no pressure to be anything other than exactly what, and who, you want to be!


FOUR x 90 mins group Act Development classes:

  • An intimate supportive environment of 4 students maximum.
  • Explore what inspires and motivates you in terms of music, costume, theme, and specific performance skills.
  • Experiment with Vixen’s extensive collection of props and costume to discover first hand what style or vibe lights you up. 
  • Discover what qualities you as an individual naturally bring to the stage and how to build your act around these unique strengths.
  • Develop your burlesque persona and name. 
  • Learn performance skills specific to your interests.
  • Gain insight from other’s journeys and discoveries, and experience performing your work in front of an audience.

 ONE Private 1hour Session:

  • Your one-on-one session with more focus on refining your tailored act. 
  • Address any issues you may not feel comfortable addressing in a group situation.
  • Option to use this session as a ‘dress rehearsal’ scenario before your performance date. 

60 Page Permission To Play Workbook:

  • Your step-by-step interactive guide to freely exploring and expressing yourself with no boundaries and no judgement.
  • Keep track of your progress and stay on target with your preparation to be completed between classes.
  • An easy to follow guide on how to approach rehearsal in your own time each week.  

Instructional Videos & Accompanying PDFs:

  • Additional teaching for you to watch/read and re-visit in your own time throughout the course. 
  • Learn Solo-Performance and Burlesque techniques to develop magnetic charisma, the ability to ‘demand to be seen’ and project a more confident you!
  • “Vixen DeVille’s Core Concepts of Magnetic Charisma”. The techniques and mindset of an engaging solo performer, applicable to everyday life. 
  • “The Art of Tease and Prop Manipulation” with specific focus on Glove Removal and Stocking Peel including how this relates to character and storytelling. 

Access to the private Facebook group for additional help and support

  • Discuss any issues, ask for advice and connect with past and current students. 
  • Get exclusive notifications of show auditions/festival submissions and other burlesque related opportunities.

A guaranteed performance spot in a professional show in Los Angeles. 

  • No pressure or deadline to perform, your performance date is booked when YOU feel ready. 
  • Opportunity to gain performance photos and promo footage to begin your burlesque career.

Total Value: $497



(Value $90)


Vixen DeVille will lead you on a guided tour of LA’s Fashion District. 

 – Discover the best places to get your fabric, trims, embellishments and hardware for the best prices. 

– Gain hands-on advice on the different qualities and uses of product for your burlesque act. 


In her home studio in Hollywood, Vixen will guide you, step by step, in creating stage-worthy pieces with zero experience.

  • Learn how to embellish and customise your existing items. 
  • Create your own items from scratch. 
  • Make amendments to existing items in order to make them functional for a strip act.
  • All equipment is provided including:

– Glue Gun
– Hot fix wands
– Sewing machine
– Fabric
– Trims
– Fastenings and Hardware
– Embellishment jewels
– Mannequin
– All of the glitter and more…

  • All classes take place at Vixen’s home studio – 1844 Taft Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 
  • Group classes are available Mondays or Tuesdays at 7:30pm or Saturdays 2pm and are scheduled after purchase to fit your requirements.
  • Group classes are a MAXIMUM of FOUR STUDENTS 
  • Private class schedule is agreed on during your second group class. 
  • All students are required to have attended Vixen DeVille’s “Intro To Burlesque: Unleash Your Inner Vixen” prior to submitting for “Permission To Play”. 

Vixen’s Home Studio