Permission To Play (8 weeks experience)

$ 497.00


Permission To Play 

 8 Week Experience with international burlesque star Vixen DeVille

Step out of your (dis)comfort zone and into your unleashed glory!

“So fun and validating…a beautiful blend of confidence, sensuality and power that is very inspiring…extremely valuable and life changing!!”

Jennifer Gilchrist – Blissful Bride Coach

Learn to FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF

…the amazing you, the one you didn’t realize existed, or are too scared to let out.

Shed your skin of past identities and explore who you are NOW.

Break down your mental barriers of being judged, not being accepted, not feeling good enough. 

Realize that YOU are fabulous!

YOU are more than enough!

Learn to accept, and own, what you have and who you are.

“It has changed the way I feel about making eye contact with strangers on the street. It’s made me bolder, and sassier as I move through the World”

Senta Burke – Actress

Designed for bodies of ALL ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, actress Cat LaCohie (aka Vixen DeVille) presents her own unique blend of Burlesque technique, fused with elements of her extensive experience in Physical Theatre, Stand-up, Public Speaking, and Theatre Creation.

“Vixen is an amazingly supportive, inspiring and dynamic coach… I used to be really heavy and didn’t feel connected to my new, thinner body. I also believed I couldn’t dance my entire life, which made me even more self-conscious. I went from having a panic attack the first class, to performing my act on stage like a pro 6 weeks later. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! I now feel sexy, confident and strong. This class was a truly transformative experience!
Don’t think about it, just do it”

Kim C. – Casting Director

Over the next 8 Weeks you will:

  • Discover what qualities you as an individual naturally bring to the stage/into a room and how to manipulate these to your advantage both as a performer and in everyday life. 
  • Find what makes YOU unique in terms of YOUR characteristics, and how YOUR body looks and moves and gain a deeper love and appreciation for this ‘YOU-nique’ self. 
  • Learn a variety of Solo-Performance and Burlesque techniques including the ‘Art Of Tease’ and ‘Prop Manipulation’, to develop magnetic charisma, the ability to, ‘demand to be seen’ and to project a more confident you!
  • Develop your Burlesque Persona and work towards creating a personally tailored solo act with no pressure to be anything other than exactly what, and who, you want to be! Feel the freedom of fully embracing and living as your true self for the duration of your act, and consider the elation of allowing an audience to witness you in your height of glory. 

8 Week Course Includes:

    • Permission To Play Workbook

Your step by step interactive guide to freely exploring and expressing yourself with no boundaries and no judgement.

    • Vixen DeVille’s Core Concepts of Burlesque Performance

Covering the core concepts of Burlesque and Solo Performance – the techniques and mindset of an engaging solo performer, applicable to everyday life. Develop magnetic charisma, the ability to ‘demand to be seen’ and project a more confident you!

    • 1 x 90min Group Class – Exploration Workshop with Vixen DeVille

Following on from your work done in the Permission To Play Workbook, Vixen will explore what inspires and motivates you in terms of music, costume, theme, and specific performance skills. Together you will pinpoint which issues you particularly want to explore during this 8 week experience and the type of solo act you want to work towards creating.

    • 1 x 90min Group Class – The Art of Tease and Prop manipulation with Vixen Deville

Focusing on specific techniques of Glove removal, Stocking Peel and Prop Manipulation.

    • 1 x 60 min Private Act Development session with Vixen DeVille

A one-on-one session with Vixen DeVille to focus on developing and refining your tailored act, allowing the opportunity to address any issues you may not feel comfortable addressing in a group situation.

    • 2 x 90min Group Class – Act Exploration and Development with Vixen DeVille

Within an encouraging and supportive group environment (4 students MAX) a safe space is provided in which Vixen will work with you to explore your music, costume and theme choices and gradually shape and mold your personally tailored burlesque performance piece. Learn from other’s journeys and discoveries, and gain experience in performing your work in front of an audience.

***Plus the opportunity to perform your act at a professional show in Los Angeles as a debut guest star!***

BONUS: Rehearsal props and costume provided for you in class. 

BONUS: Access to the private Facebook Support group for extra help and advice.

Total Value: $497

“Supplement your 8 Week Experience with the following add-ons”

All-Day COSTUME CRAFTING WORKSHOP – Sunday June 11th 10am-5pm (Value $197)

In the heart of LA’s Fashion District Vixen DeVille will lead an interactive workshop, exploring your inner burlesque character before demonstrating the tricks of the trade in crafting your own costume pieces to bring your character to life. 

Including a tour of the best places to source fabric and trims as well as access to Vixen’s own treasure trove to embellish and customise your own items ready for the stage. 

NO experience necessary – you are limited only by your imagination. 

Attendance to VIXEN’S GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT  ( Value $97)
Take the night off and surround yourself with amazing, creative, supportive and inspiring women. Starting off at Vixen’s private studio, a couple of pre-game drinks and an hour of playing dress-up with her extensive costume collection to get into the burlesque mood. You will then head down to one of her favourite performance spots, wear that dress you never get to wear and experience some of the best burlesque performers in town. Get a taste of what Burlesque really means and be inspired to create your own act and one day grace the very same stage.  

OPTION 1: Thursday 25th May 

OPTION 2: Thursday June 1st

OPTION 3: Monday June 5th

OPTION 4: Thursday June 15th

OPTION 5: Thursday June 29th

( Cover included where applicable)