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    “Unleash Your Inner Vixen” The Ultimate ONLINE Burlesque Bachelorette Party

    “Unleash Your Inner Vixen” The Ultimate ONLINE Burlesque Bachelorette Party

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    Every bride wants a fantastic bachelorette-party-send-off with her favourite people, but these days that’s a tough thing to organise.

    I’m Vixen DeVille, award-winning international burlesque performer and coach, bringing you the Ultimate ONLINE Bachelorette party, “Unleash Your Inner Vixen”

    • Designed for all abilities, ages shapes and sizes so that anyone can take part and not feel left out.
    • Friends can join the session via Zoom from anywhere in the world so that you can share your party with all your favourite people in different states and countries.
    • Learn the Art of Tease, explore a variety of burlesque characters, and allow your Inner Vixen the chance to come out to play!

    A relaxed and fun-filled event which will leave everyone feeling fabulous!