Rehearsal Footage Feedback – x2

It’s up to you to decide when to gain your rehearsal footage feedback. Some students prefer to get notes early on in their development to help with the creation of the piece. Some prefer to have bulk of the choreography completed and use the feedback for polishing up what they have already created.

Email Vixen footage of your act so far or, indeed, your completed act and receive video footage feedback.

Great for those in different time zones or with busy schedules that conflict with the online session schedule.

Provides the ability to play back both your performance AND Vixen’s comments as much as you need.

Rehearsal footage must be ONE SINGLE TAKE of your act so far. Do not send an hour of you rehearsing the same thing over and over – just send your best take of the work you have done. Tapes are limited to 5mins of footage unless discussed with me in advance. If there is a specific issue you want me to focus on during feedback please state this in your accompanying email or you can record your concerns as part of the 5 min feedback video.

I will record my feedback and upload to VIMEO or GOOGLE DRIVE within 72 hours of receipt of your email. You may download this video for your continued use, feedback video will be deleted after 6 months of the upload date.

Any recorded feedback is for YOUR USE ONLY and may not be posted anywhere online for public viewing.


  • When submitting your link, you MUST use the same name and email address that you used to purchase this course, otherwise your feedback submission will be ignored.
  • Make sure that you are uploading the correct video link. Once the link has been submitted, you cannot re-submit.
  • Set your upload privacy settings to “private link” (Vimeo) or “Unlisted” (YouTube) so that it is not publicly accessible. Make sure that the private link is ACCESSIBLE to those that use it. If I can not open the link I can not give feedback and you will not be able to re-submit.