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Lady Sapphire Breaks Free

Taking this class was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can’t say enough good things about Vixen and this wonderful class. I was a burlesque singer for a troupe when I was diagnosed with vocal cord damage. I was instructed by my doctor stop singing immediately and make all kinds of lifestyle changes. So while on vocal rest it was suggested that I take a class and start working on other burlesque skills that didn’t require me to sing.

I had taken Vixen’s intro class the year before, just before a show that required me to dance, and I needed some confidence to be get through that show. I’m not a dancer. That one hour did the trick. I had an amazing time, met new people, and walked out of there feeling awesome. The night of the show I was confident and calm and pretty good.

I talked to Vixen about my situation and she was super encouraging. I wasn’t really sure if this was a good idea for me try dancing. She said there are all kinds of different acts in burlesque that I could do. And because she had seen me sing, she said I was a natural at performing and that I could definitely embrace something new. I walked into that class with a bunch jumbled ideas as to what I wanted to do. And with each class the number I was developing was coming into shape with the help of Vixen. When I had freakouts about wardrobe malfunctions she gave helpful suggestions as to how to get around them. When I freaked out in general, she was always so encouraging explaining that what I was doing wasn’t easy and I was doing amazingly well for someone who hasn’t been doing this for years. . The encouragement was contagious, because the students in her class were encouraging each other as each of our acts started to take form. It was a great environment to learn and grow.

She isn’t traditional about teaching steps, it’s more about telling a story with each number. And not where your foot will be when you get to count 8. Because she taught that way it was easy to remember what I was doing from one moment to the next in my number. She encouraged students to embellish their costumes and really make them their own. Again super helpful suggestions as to how to make improvements to something as simple as a glove. With me being a bigger girl, I was super self conscious about my body, and the fact that I wasn’t as flexible as most students. I was hopeless at stocking removal. Vixen made me feel like that was OK. I didn’t have to remove stockings, there are other things I can do to enhance the number. It was all about what I was comfortable with, and nothing was a real requirement other than feeling good and presenting your true self.

At the end of my class I had a fully developed act, a fairly comprehensive costume, and a new found confidence that really helped me step into my new role as dancer. The transformation was very noticeable among the people who knew me best. I debuted my act last month and it was a big hit. Everyone who saw love it and was extremely proud of me. As a result I have performed this number a total of 3 times in the last 3 weeks and it’s really been a crowd pleaser. I felt good about performing as a dancer. The producer of my troupe is now encouraging me to dance in group numbers, and do more solo dance numbers. I have since returned to singing, but the skills I’ve gained from this class have enhanced even my singing performances.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to step out into something new. Especially if you’re not the traditional body type. If you’re anything like me you’ll gain a love for your own body and embrace it as it is. I gained so much as result of taking this class. And I can never truly thank Vixen enough for everything she did to help me do this. I’m so happy I did this.

2 years after taking the intro class, Lady Sapphire Noir won the title of 2016 World Champion Masters of Singing Burlypicks:

“I am now an international title holding burlesque performer. The confidence and the skills I picked up from this class helped me win this title. In the burlesque world this is a big deal. I must give a thank you to Mona Harrington , Katy DeBra and Jacqueline van Bierk who were my classmates who encouraged me along the way. But a bigger thank you is owed to Cat. Thank you for creating this wonderful thing that gave me the opportunity to grow. I have this trophy because of your help.”

Lady’s success continued in 2017 winning:

2017 Audience Choice and Most Original Texas Burlesque Festival

2017 Best Hybrid The Great Burlesque Exposition

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