Vixen Deville Bustles


Vixen DeVille’s hand crafted burlesque bustles. Please read INFORMATION below.

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Vixen DeVille handcrafted burlesque bustles, made to order in the above fabrics.

The bustle is designed to be layered over Vixen DeVille Burlesque Skirts so that you can have layers of peel during your burlesque act but can equally be worn separately.

The standard width of the bustle at the top edge is 16” with a tie front so that it can be worn on a number of different sizes and can either be tied around the waist or around the hips. This is a layering item and not designed to fully cover the front of the body.

Standard length of bustle from top edge to hem at center back is 16”.

All items are hand wash/dry clean only.

These items are a great base for those looking to customize by adding their own trim and embellishments. Additional embellishments or trim are able to be added by Vixen at extra cost – please email for info.

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in