Beginner Aerial Class

I have taught aerial to all types of beginners – those who have or haven’t had performance experience, and to those with or without strength, flexibility, fear of heights, etc.!

My classes are perfect for those wanting to try something new, something challenging, or something they never thought would be possible. My goal is to guide you through your blocks, get you confidently on the equipment, and put together the basics of a routine.

You can then fly, be free, go forth and learn more intricate skills elsewhere. I’m here for confidence building, one-on-one guidance and to remind you that regardless of your mental and physical blocks. YOU CAN!!!

Please contact Vixen DeVille via email at to discuss your requirements.

Blackbird Dance Company

Classes are held at the Blackbird Dance Company, 305 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90036. Their website is