No matter what your mental and physical blocks, face your fears and learn to fly

Suitable for all types of beginners, no matter what your currently blocks including lack of performance experience, lack of strength or flexibility, fear of heights, etc.!

The perfect class for those wanting to try something new, something challenging, or something they never thought would be possible.

Break through your mental and physical blocks, get yourself safely and confidently onto the equipment, and begin to put together the basics of a routine.

The perfect preparation in order to feel confident in an intermediate group setting.

I’m here for you to build confidence, give you attentive one-on-one guidance and to remind you that regardless of your mental and physical blocks. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN!!!

This class takes place at Aeriform Arts Studio  – just send me an email at [email protected] to discuss your requirements!

$150 for a 1 hour private class for 1 student

$175 for a 1 hour private class for 2 students

Slots are usually available weekdays before 4:30pm or weekends after 5:30pm – once you have made payment, email your preferred times and I will confirm within 24 hours.


Aeriform Arts Studio