Event and Show Host


The ultimate glamazonian, Vixen is guaranteed to keep any audience in check.  With her captivating, charismatic charm and vigorous, verbal dexterity, she will take the evening firmly in her grasp and guide it to a spectacular climax. 

Magic and Mentalism


Vixen’s magical mind-reading repertoire has become a favourite on both the Cabaret and Christmas Corporate scene – especially when (at prior arrangement) the Boss is the one in the Box!!

Fire Performance


Vixen will demonstrate her finesse of flirting with fire, toying with tinder, and basking in a blazing bonfire – a display of body burning, fire eating, and the ultimate answer to the all-time question, how does one make an entire dress disappear in a cloud of smoke?

Glass Walking


With graceful grandeur and premium prowess, Vixen will glide her way across her bed of broken glass, pausing only to lie and relax amongst the inviting shards. Within seconds you too will be worshipping the ground she walks on!

Aerial Performance


Vixen likes nothing more than defying the existence of our various child-like Earthling concepts!..Such adorable naivety – the fact that in this day and age we still hold such belief in notions such as ‘Time’, ‘Gravity’, ‘The Superior Male’… (to name but a few!) 

Atmosphere and Character


With her bewitching audience rapport and ability to entice both the unruly and reluctant into participation, Vixen never fails to leave a crowd pepped up and primed for an evening’s entertainment.